Plover, Iowa

Plover, Iowa - Happy futures and great memories live in a place good people have called home for over 125 years. Our town is small but its heart is as big as the prairie that surrounds us.

In true Iowa spirit, we welcome those who knew us long ago and those we haven’t met. Our people are the essence of Good Old-Fashioned Community Spirit!

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City Of Plover

301 Main Street
Plover, IA 50573
Ph: 712-857-3532
Hours: Monday & Thursday: 3-6
Saturday: 9-12

The city of Plover offers a variety of services and churches including:

  • Fire Department
  • Library
  • Hope United Methodist Church

Kirk Hubbell

City Council
Members: John Winger, Tom Eberle, Craig Rubel, Bob Meuer and Jake Point.

The city council meets first the Monday of each month at 7:30pm at Plover City Hall.

Water Manager
Bob Meuer



Monday: 3-6
Thursday: 3-6
Saturday: 9-12