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Quick Facts

  • Plover sits in Powhattan Township, which was first settled in 1864. The township name honors the father of Pocahontas.
  • In the early 1870s, the first Plover post office was constructed on what is now county road N57.
  • Once the railroad through the township was completed in 1882, the town of Plover was born and named by the railroad president to recognize a common bird visible along the route.
  • In 1885, McEwen and Garlock built the first store.
  • Looking around town in its early history you would have seen a bank, a hotel, a general store, a meat market, a creamery, two elevators, a doctor, a furniture store, and a weekly newspaper.
  • The first Plover High School was built in 1894 but burned in 1911.
  • The brick school house was completed by 1916.
  • Hope United Methodist Church in Plover was originally a wood-frame building replaced by a brick structure in 1914. That church was substantially damaged by fire 1941. Then, in 1953, a tornado struck Plover and once again the church had to be restored.
  • The Plover Library and Town Hall, built as a Presbyterian Church in 1888, served congregations into the 1960s before the town purchased it.
  • After consolidation into Havelock-Plover Community School in the late 1950s, the Plover School continued to serve elementary students until 1980.

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